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Pyros follows a young, impressionable boy who must navigate treacherous ringleaders during a fiery crime spree while evading the police unit sent to bring them all to justice. The action-packed anarchy is juxtaposed by an investigative journalist interviewing community members recounting the crimes and the consequential impacts.


Pyros is an emotionally-charged drama short with thrilling action, cinéma-vérité and relevant themes addressing how youth crime is impacting Australian rural communities. Inspired from Rodwell's upbringing in rural communities and his first-hand experiences documenting first responders witnessing the good, the bad and the ugly on the emergency frontlines. 

Designed for the big and small screen, Pyros aims to captivate Australian and global audiences across film festivals, broadcasters, streamers and galleries with impactful storytelling and high-end production values targeting 2024/25 releases.

Pyros serves as a cohesive proof-of-concept to generate marketplace interest for a larger body of work in development which expands upon the story, characters and themes in-depth.


Pyros is expected to shoot in Orange NSW with established cast and crews in 2024. The production is collaborating with local arts, business, council and tourism sectors to bring this exciting story to life regionally and discover the wealth of untapped talent to appear on screen and/or behind-the-scenes.


Pyros is the recipient of 2023/2024 MATCH Lab facilitated by Creative Australia and Australian Cultural Fund, a dollar-for-dollar match funding program up to $10,000 for independent artists and groups undertaking fundraising campaigns for artistic projects. As part of the MATCH Lab program, Pyros is raising $11,500 in tax-deductible donations towards covering essential production costs. If you're interested in supporting Pyros, please consider making a tax-deductible donation towards the fundraiser here on the Australian Cultural Fund


In November 2023, Pyros was awarded the Regional Arts Fund (RAF) Project Grants 2023-24 from Regional Arts NSW in production funding. RAF funds high-quality arts projects, multiple art forms or cross-disciplinary practice benefitting regional or remote artists, arts workers, audiences and communities.

In 2022, Pyros was supported by grants from Create NSW (via Arts OutWest) in May and Regional Arts NSW in June for script development and commissioning concept art for visualising the story, characters and world-building.


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