Samuel Rodwell is an award-winning Australian film director, writer and producer. Best known for directing the short films, Monkey (2015) and Inferno (2020), where Rodwell has gone onto be recognised for his quality over quantity approach and experimental craft in filmmaking that has solidified his film career thus far.

In December 2019, Rodwell was announced as the recipient of Fremantle, Screen NSW and Screenworks' Inside of the Writers Room program apart of the 2020 Career Pathways Program for selected early-career regional writers, directors and producers receiving support to progress their screen industry careers from a number of top Australian production companies through placements, mentoring, industry introductions and professional development.


An accomplished commercial director, Rodwell for the majority of his commercial directing career has specialised in crafting large-scale cinematic campaigns for emergency services agencies. His body of commercial work has employed a unique balance of cinema verite and conventional production techniques, capturing Rodwell’s sensibilities for executing authenticity and realism.

Rodwell is currently in early development on two character-driven Australian feature films with Rodwell penning the scripts concurrently and attached to direct both films.

A graduate of Charles Sturt University, Rodwell received a diverse tertiary education with a bachelor’s degree in Communication. Taking a wide interest in a myriad of subject matters across different faculties during his time at university.

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