Samuel Rodwell is an award-winning Australian film director, writer and producer.

Rodwell received his tertiary education at Charles Sturt University, taking a wide interest within exploring diverse subject matters from astronomy, cosmology, film, literature and philosophy during his time at university, before graduating with his bachelor's degree in Communication.

Best known for directing the short films, Monkey (2015) and Inferno (2020), where Rodwell has gone onto be recognised for his quality over quantity approach in filmmaking that has solidified his film career thus far.

Rodwell is an accomplished television commercial director, specialising in crafting large-scale, cinematic and action-packed commercials for a plethora of brands and NSW Government agencies, most notably for the emergency services.

In-between directing commercials and short films, Rodwell constantly develops his original slate of feature films and television projects, focusing on crafting sophisticated written narratives, exploring intellectual themes and diverse genres intended for both Australian and international audiences.

Rodwell is a member of the Australian Directors' Guild, Australian Writers' Guild, Screenworks and Australian Screen Editors.

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