Samuel Rodwell is an award-winning director, writer and producer from New South Wales, Australia. 

Best known for directing the action documentary short film Inferno (2020), expected to premiere across the renowned Australian film festival circuit during 2020The young filmmaker's career began with his award-winning short film Monkey (2015), being praised for it's experimental approach to visual storytelling and cinematography.

Rodwell received his tertiary education at Charles Sturt University, taking a wide interest within exploring diverse subject matters from astronomy, cosmology, film, literature and philosophy during his time at university, before graduating with his bachelor's degree in Communication.

Early in his directing career, Rodwell founded a private production company producing large-scale commercials for NSW Government agencies within the emergency services sector, most notably, and short films for local governments and arts & cultural initiatives across regional New South Wales, Australia. Developing strong relations within the sectors providing him with a resourceful competitive edge.

His hands-on approach to directing across development, pre-production, principal production, post-production to the release on each project undertaken has allowed Rodwell to execute large-scale live-action sets with minimal crew and resources while not compromising on quality or ambition.

He is a member of the Australian Directors' Guild, Australian Writers' Guild, Screenworks and Australian Screen Editors.

Rodwell continues directing commercials and short films across regional NSW while developing numerous scripts for film and television concurrently.

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